Shifting Gears: Out with the Old, in with the New

Is there a program you’ve been using since you opened your doors for business? One that you have sworn you’d never let go of? One that does everything you need it to do exactly how you need it done? It’s a rarity but when it happens you just know. For Buying Time, One...

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When Was The Last Time You Did Something For The First Time?

When I saw this question posted on Facebook recently it really made me think “so when was it”? When was the last time I did something without fear of making a mistake or feeling like it would be a waste of time if I failed? I really started to contemplate this and...

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Tips to Show Love to Your Customers

It’s time to give your people some LOVE back… Since the month of February celebrates Valentine’s Day I thought I would share how you can love and appreciate your clients with some fresh ideas moving forward. A few easy rules to follow daily: Treat your fellow...

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How to Use Twitter Hashtags

Hey Guys, now that you’re on Twitter, it’s time to sift through the interesting and relevant! How you ask? By using hashtags. Hashtags are the filing system for social networks and, by using the guidelines below, you can navigate the twittersphere. On with the show…...

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Homepage Improvement

3 Ways to Capture Attention on Your Website Your websites home page is the face of your business in the online world. When your visitors come to your site you must capture their attention, whilst encouraging them to keep viewing your website. A bit like a brick and...

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Show Up

“You need to show up in your business?” “You need to show up in your life?” I know I’ve heard this time and time again. Don't worry I am NOT going to be telling you what you should or need to do. Think of this post as an invitation to discover what it really means to...

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Consistent Action Creates Consistent Results

Being consistent is a part of everyone’s lives whether in business or personal interactions, when you do something consistently there’s a higher level of trust or mistrust. A simple example is that if you show up to every appointment or meeting 15 minutes early people...

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End of Year Marketing Tips to Kick Off 2019

You know the older I get, the faster the time seems to pass me by. I remember the end of 2017 I was telling myself, “Wow this year flew by,” and here we are again; end of 2018 and repeating those exact words. I am pretty happy with everything that I accomplished this...

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Video Marketing Can Improve Your Small Business

Let's Make a Movie! Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can finally decorate for my favorite holiday, Christmas! It isn't about the gifts for me, it's about the atmosphere. I love making my house look like it has been plucked out of a Christmas movie, stuffed reindeer...

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