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Email Management Course


Is email running your life? Overwhelm and anxiety around your inbox is, unfortunately, a common scenario in the modern world. It seems like every time you take care of a few items, ten more pop up to demand even more of your precious time and resources.

There is a way out! This course will teach you how to create and use email management systems that simplify your life.

Ready to escape email tyranny?

Evernote Basics Course


If you’ve ever felt buried by all the information you need to keep track of every day, you’re not alone. Whether you’re in business for yourself or you’re just a busy mom trying to get through the day, Evernote is a free tool you need in your pocket.

Even though Evernote is such a powerful time-saver, most people either don’t know it exists, or they don’t understand how to use all the amazing features to help them manage their lives.

Evernote Basics 101 can help

Evernote Basics Course

Social Media Content Plan

The Tool to Help you Stay Organized with Social Media Throughout the Year

This fillable PDF allows you to plan the exact content and images that will post on various platforms day-by-day.