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Our Customer Commitment

  • Communicate often and effectively
  • Listen first and ask questions later
  • Be honest
  • Be accountable
  • Seamless Interaction With Your Clients
  • Provide Guidance and Support
  • Be Forward Thinking
  • Be Solution Minded
  • Overcome Obstacles Through Innovation
  • Integrate With Your Organization’s Value System
  • Build a Mutually Professional and Courteous Environment
  • To Grow With You


Need a speaker for your upcoming event, your staff or your small business group?

Bibi speaks on Time Management, Productivity and Delegation!


Get the latest tips and tools on Time Management, Productivity, Delegation and more to manage your business or life.

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What Our Clients Say

I work with you and Bibi, and David and the rest of you is that you’re all one team working together on all the stuff that I neither have time to do, nor do I care to learn how to do myself. Buying Time allows me to operate in my “Genius Zone” and leave others to take care of the business side of things. THANKS SO VERY MUCH! I’m so grateful for ALL of you.

Sloane R.

“When I started working with Buying Time I really needed someone with some expertise and direction in the areas we were wasting our time, not only did they provide that but with professionalism, promptness and solutions. I would most definitely recommend them to any small and/or growing business who’s looking to streamline and increase efficiencies in their business.”

Jeanie Allen

Horizon HTC

“Bibi and her team have helped me put automated systems in place in my business that have not only saved me valuable time but increased customer satisfaction and have increased my yearly revenue by 31%. I appreciate that Bibi is always think about her client’s growth and is on top of latest ideas for helping small business owners like myself. Her team has always been professional, quick to respond and nice to boot. Buying Time has been and will continue to be an integral part of my business model.”

Rita Black C.Ht.

Shift Weight Mastery

Are you overwhelmed trying to manage your time?

Our virtual workshops are set up in 3 easily accessible modules over a 21 day period. They allow the busy individual to effectively incorporate new habits to help tackle any to do list. Live group Q & A is included in each workshop with the opportunity to ask specific questions about your challenges.