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Our Customer Commitment

  • Communicate often and effectively
  • Listen first and ask questions later
  • Be honest
  • Be accountable
  • Provide guidance and support
  • Be progressive
  • Integrate with your organization’s value system
  • Be professional and courteous
  • To grow with you
  • Seamless interaction with your clients


Need a speaker for your upcoming event, your staff or your small business group?

Bibi speaks on Time Management, Productivity and Delegation!


Get the latest tips and tools on Time Management, Productivity, Delegation and more to manage your business or life.

What Our Clients Say

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I work with you and Bibi, and David and the rest of you is that you're all one team working together on all the stuff that I neither have time to do, nor do I care to learn how to do myself. Buying Time allows me to operate in my "Genius Zone" and leave others to take care of the business side of things. THANKS SO VERY MUCH! I'm so grateful for ALL of you.

Sloane R. May 28, 2020

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“Bibi Goldstein and her team have given me so much TIME – having taken care of more things than I can list! …They have truly given me back SO much! Highly Recommend!”

Debbie S. Women’s Leadership LIVE May 28, 2020

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I chose to work with Buying Time LLC because it is conveniently a one-stop shop for everything I need help with in growing my fitness business.

Malin S. May 28, 2020

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Are you overwhelmed trying to manage your time?

Our virtual workshops are set up in 3 easily accessible modules over a 21 day period. They allow the busy individual to effectively incorporate new habits to help tackle any to do list. Live group Q & A is included in each workshop with the opportunity to ask specific questions about your challenges.