Feeling Colors

Mar 28, 2022

In the last week, I’ve been sick, my dog died, my son broke his arm and had to have surgery on it. It’s been so tough I feel like a country song should be written about it. One thing I continue to notice during tough times, good times, and even dull times is that the colors around us affect us in many ways and represent certain things to us.

For instance, being sick or sad we tend to want to be inside in the dark and maybe even wear dark clothing. When, in fact, we should do the opposite and let the colors do their job to make us feel better. Get outside into the bright beautiful day and look at some lovely yellow flowers. With death, I think of browns like fading flowers and plants. We bought a magnolia tree that will bloom beautiful white flowers in memory of our sweet dog of the same color. The children’s hospital is decorated in vibrant blues, reds, and yellows to try and uplift the kids and parents that have to be there which does help to distract, if only for a minute.

We choose colors because of the way we feel, but if we choose them for how we would like to feel things can start looking up.

I touched base on this very topic 3 years ago in my previous blog on colors and their meanings. I am sure you will find it useful: https://buyingtimellc.com/what-colors-mean

My challenge to you, take a minute to think about what colors are around you and the colors that represent your brand. Do those colors convey what you want them to? If those colors don’t inspire you, they are probably not inspiring your potential clients. Let me know if you’d like to make a color change in your brand and we can make that happen! Send me an email with the Subject Line: Carrie, help me with my color branding!

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