Wrapping Up 2022 with Buying Time

Dec 20, 2022

Wow, another year in the books!! 2022 brought new clients, new team members, and our yearly in-person Team Retreat.

The team was asked to write a few thoughts on how their 2022 with Buying Time went.

Topics included reflecting on highlights, accomplishments, and personal and professional growth, and here’s what they had to say.


  • Bibi: My year at Buying Time I embraced working remotely in a whole new way by spending a month in Verona, Italy working the entire time. I was able to support clients from all over the world and still do it effectively.

  • Stephanie: This past year with BT I fostered deeper connections with our team and our clients. I’ve also continued to learn more about our business and that has allowed me to set larger goals to improve how we serve our clients and operate as a whole in 2023!

  • Julie: This past year with BT has been full of growth and reflection. I am always learning new things to enhance my own knowledge and our client’s businesses. We have worked in some helpful mindfulness as a team to be on top of our game to give our clients a great experience and manage tasks and projects without getting overwhelmed. Looking forward to working with the amazing BT team in 2023.

  • Julz: The past year at Buying Time has been outstanding for not only my professional growth but my personal growth as well. I have stepped outside of my comfort zone of social media and begun assisting my clients with their day-to-day business tasks which lead me to learn new platforms and programs. I look forward to expanding my skills in 2023 to better serve our amazing clients.

  • Kayla: This year with Buying Time has been my first and also my first virtual position. At times it’s been a challenge to adapt to interacting with clients via zoom and email only, but it’s also great to be able to work from anywhere. A lot of my time this past year was spent learning and building campaign automations in Keap for clients and I am still constantly learning more along the way. Can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for Buying Time and our clients.

  • Tamara: My past year with Buying Time has been filled with learning! There are so many programs out there, from email marketing to social media and website platforms. It’s great to have a job where growth is encouraged and we are urged to keep up with the latest updates.

  • Kechelle: Although I haven’t made it a year yet! I definitely learned my ability to adapt quickly and am grateful for all the awesome clients and coworkers who have been so helpful toward me! I’m SO blessed to call them my coworkers.

  • Jessica: This past year at Buying Time has been full of growth and extremely rewarding. I have built strong relationships with my clients, and team and have been able to advance my career with not only learning but teaching as well! I am looking forward to what 2023 has to offer!

  • Raya: I am a new member of the Buying Time team so these past couple of months have been full of learning new skills and working with amazing coworkers. For this upcoming year, I am looking forward to learning even more and becoming more involved with our clients.

  • Carrie: Throughout my years at BT, I feel what has most evolved is our process of onboarding new clients for graphic design and working internally more efficiently. For instance, the branding form gets a client’s brain starting to think about different aspects before we meet – saving them both time and money. Another Graphic Design intake form is in the works and I’m excited to have that roll out early in 2023.

  • Astrid: Throughout my years at BT, I have had the opportunity to utilize my unique skill to learn. For example, when clients come to us with a CRM system our team has never used before. I love getting my hands on new programs or activities and learning them. It is a great feeling to find solutions to difficult problems.

  • Sara: I have only been a part of the Buying Time team for a few months, and I have already built positive relationships with our clients. There have been a few learning curves that I have had to get used to, but everyone has been so helpful in helping me to adjust and utilize my time efficiently. I am definitely looking forward to 2023 being a great year for me at Buying Time.