Buying Time, LLC is a woman-owned business based in California. Our mission is to support business owners in various aspects of their operations. We aim to become an extension of the organization and use our collective expertise to give back valuable time while improving productivity through efficiency.
About Bibi Goldstein and Buying Time LLC
Bibi Goldstein
– Founder
Before starting my own virtual assistant service business, Buying Time, I spent 22 years in the corporate world working for companies like North American Logistics and UPS Supply Chain. During my time with UPS as National Vendor Manager, I had the highest performing center, while being the youngest and only female manager amongst my peers.

I built a culture that created the largest percentage of promotions from my direct hires. And I also worked with all the centers to create over $2.7 million in annual payroll savings from efficiency and productivity analysis, and single-handedly led implementation of those improvements across all the US locations.

My experiences in the corporate arena, as well as my Infusionsoft and Six Sigma certifications, translate directly to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners understand the value of time management and setting up systems to do the work for them.

In addition to helping businesses with expert implementation and virtual administration jobs, I’m also a regular speaker and workshop facilitator. Through fun, informative sessions, I help business owners learn how to let go of all the day-to-day tasks that either don’t suit them or waste their time. They are suddenly free to work “on” their businesses, not “in” their businesses. Once they begin working this way, many experience significant growth in revenues as well as improved company morale.

Julz Whitson
Julz has proven working experience in social media where she is able to generate, edit, publish and share daily content on social platforms. She possess a positive attitude, is able to focus on several areas at the same time and exceptional organizational skills with great attention to detail.

She has a working knowledge of online marketing and clear understanding of the major marketing channels. Offering real time B2C engagement on social platforms *as needed. She excels at image creation/manipulation for promos/events. Julz lives in Southern California and supports our clients all over the country.

Julz Whitson from Buying Time LLC
Julie McElroy from Buying Time LLC
Julie McElroy
Julie McElroy is an independent entrepreneur who works as a virtual assistant to clients throughout the United States. She provides administrative, creative and technical services. Her clients deliver their request and project instructions by phone, email and instant message.

Her administrative services include customer service, data entry, bill processing, social media updating, email and campaign blasts and in addition she has expertise in the following online apps/services… Infusionsoft, Lead Pages, One Shopping Cart, WordPress, Payment Gateways, Merchant Services, Evernote, Asana, Webex, Click Meeting, Go to Webinar, , etc.) She excels in communicating with her clients to fulfill their business needs effectively and keeping them organized and on track.

John Chandler
John is an entrepreneur from the UK who helps clients around the world build and maintain their marketing funnels, automations and Facebook ads, by implementing the latest technologies and strategies.

He has great experience in many tools which businesses use for their marketing today such as WordPress (+100’s of plugins and themes), ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Click Funnels, Unbounce, LeadPages, LeadDyno, Zapier, GoToMeeting, Chargify and a whole lot more.

John loves learning new systems that can be used to benefit clients that he services.

When John is not at work, he makes the most of his time, by spending it with his family and learning more to enhance his skillset, mainly in the Digital Marketing space.

John Chandler from Buying Time LLC
David Barnes from Buying Time LLC
David Barnes
Prior to working with Buying Time David Barnes worked in Event Marketing. He was an Event Coordinator and Executive Assistant in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has a marketing degree and is now a small business Entrepreneur.

David has been working with Buying Time for two years and is currently one of our lead Project Managers. His experience and knowledge base with small business, digital marketing as well as the ever-evolving Coaching Industry is refreshing. When it comes to troubleshooting or Infusionsoft, David is our in-house guru.

David is typically the first team member that you will be in contact with during your intake process. He will assist you with building greater trust in what you’ve already created, while bringing clarity to your goals and ideas to more easily incorporate into your already existing business. By bridging the gap with materials presented, Dave is highly adept at identifying new skills and/or programs to best suit the client and her/his needs.

In his free time Dave is an avid Instagram user. Creativity and learning are what David THRIVES on. His hobbies include travel, photography, hiking, nature, his dog Maddie and meditation.

Stephanie Hall
Stephanie previously worked as an Operations Manager for a consumer reporting agency and is new to the virtual assistant field. Throughout her work experience she has worked closely with clients to ensure a great customer experience.

Living in Southern California, Stephanie enjoys spending her personal time with her family, watching good movies and reading good books, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Stephanie Hall from Buying Time LLC

Some of our clients include

Fitness Professionals
Business Owners

Busy Moms & Dads
Dog Trainers


To learn more about how Buying Time LLC can support your business and life, contact or 310-376-1835.