Quantity vs. Quality?

Nov 24, 2015

quantity vs qualityBeing an entrepreneur you have so much on your plate with demands that bring you to the great question of time: Quantity vs Quality. Do you find that sometimes you begin to choose Quantity over Quality? I mean do you have so much to do that it feels so much better to check off items than to worry about the quality of the work being produced?
Or do you expect both Quantity and Quality from your team? And is that realistic?
Asking both quantity and quality from your team is like asking Skittles from a rainbow! It isn’t going to happen. Mouthing off tasks that need to be completed and filtering them through your team isn’t going to produce quality work and it isn’t going to produce a happy team. But, you might get that quantity you were looking for.
Here are a few tips that will allow you to achieve what needs to be done and produce quality work from your team:

  • Understand your team’s talents. Understanding where each of your team talent’s lie will help you know where to delegate a task, producing quality first and quantity second.
  • Help your team understand what is most important (if they don’t already know).
  • Set REALISTIC deadlines. Not everything is an emergency so don’t declare them one. Allow a little wiggle room for your team to get things done.
  • Compliment your team. You are always the first to point out when mistakes are made BUT it’s equally important to praise your team for the time, effort and passion they put into a task.

We all want Quality. It’s a no brainer. The more quality work our team produces the better we look to our clients. Find your happy medium between Quantity and Quality and you’ll see your team in a whole new light.