Nurturing Business Relationships

Jan 18, 2015

By Bibi Goldstein
Nurturing business relationships is as important in our businesses as our personal lives. Most business owners overlook this large piece to create raving fans and a key brand attribute of giving. The word nurture by definition is a process; the process of caring for and encouraging the growth and development of someone or something.
The process could show in many different methods in our business, here are some great examples of nurturing clients and prospects:

  • [CLIENT] Call them every 45 to 60 days to see how everything is going – no agenda, just to talk and get feedback (BONUS: If you get positive feedback here write it down and ask them if you could you use it as a testimonial).
  • [CLIENT] Send a thank you note at least once year that is not around the holidays or when they refer someone. You can add a gift card for a cup of coffee or something that might be more personal to them. Everyone gets a something around the holidays; it has a greater impact when they are not expecting it.
  • [PROSPECT] You don’t really know them yet, especially those that opt in on your website. An effective way to nurture prospects is to give them content without selling to them. After you get them on your list send them meaningful content. A weekly tip, a 30 day challenge or even an inspirational quote of the day. Simple and short emails.

nurturing business relationships
These methods of nurturing can be managed in a good CRM system (i.e.; Infusionsoft™). Set up tasks or appointments to remind you when the last call was and when the next one should be; use notes for what they say so you can refer to things that felt important. Use the same method for cards or a system like Infusionsoft™ that has integrations with Send Out Cards™ to make sending cards simple and automated. Lastly, setting up an engaging email nurture campaign that continues to work throughout the year is crucial. Your prospects’ situations change over time and where they may not have needed you immediately, you don’t want them to have to search out an old email to find your contact information when they are ready, do you?