Email Management 101

My overflowing inbox used to send me into a spiral of overwhelm and anxiety. . .

I couldn’t see how I was ever going to catch up with everything I needed to do. Every time I handled a few emails, ten more would show up asking me to do more, more, more. It was like email management was running my life!

And I was afraid to file them or delete them because I might need them later. So I just let more and more work pile up. It felt like this big heavy weight on my chest, and I felt powerless to do anything about it.

Sound familiar?

There’s a Happy Ending Thanks to Email Management

Fortunately, I found the way out of this disastrous mess that was my email inbox. I discovered the secret to an empty inbox without deleting or losing track of a single important email. It’s all about having an email management system and sticking to it. I developed a simple way to

  • Clean out my inbox
  • Set up an email processing system to keep it clean moving forward
  • Work with those systems every day

This email processing system has worked flawlessly for me over the years. And through my course Email Management 101, I’ve taught hundreds of other businesses, organizations, and moms how to use the system and escape email tyranny forever.

People treat “checking email” like it’s their job. When it’s really what’s inside the email that matters (or doesn’t matter). Once you master email management, you’ll suddenly find you have more time in your day to do what’s really important.

This 3 Module Email Management Course Will Show You How to

  • Clean out your inbox starting with the very first session (without losing track of anything)
  • Set up a practical workable email management system for managing the constant flow of incoming mail
  • Manage your email processing systems everyday to reduce stress, save time, and increase productivity

The simple-to-follow email management 101 course is delivered in 3 video modules sent to you once a week. It gives you clear, actionable steps to clear your inbox without simply deleting everything. You’ll develop a true task-management system. So, instead of hundreds of “to-do” items piling up, you only have one or two to deal with at any given time.

Past students of this method tell me they feel amazing, powerful, and finally free. They are shocked by how much time they save every day. But don’t take my word for it. Check out what they have to say.

You Can Do This – Really!

Registration for the course is just $77.



Want access to me personally? When you purchase this course, you automatically receive an invitation to a live question-and- answer session with me. This is your chance to ask any questions or just let others know how wonderful it feels to finally have your email under control.

Stop Email Management Anxiety and Inbox Overwhelm Forever


When you fill out the order form, you’ll receive your first module by email immediately. Then the remaining two modules will show up in your shiny new empty inbox on days 7 and 14.

Don’t suffer through the overwhelm and anxiety another minute. Email freedom awaits you!

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