Wow! Excitement!

Apr 23, 2013

thumbsupEx-cite-ment: A feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness.
Do you ever get really excited about something and feel like you’re on top of the world?
I remember at my daughter’s 3rd birthday she would open every gift with this look on her face of pure excitement, eyes and mouth wide open. That infectious excitement lasted depending on what was in the box, if it was clothes it was tossed to mom (ironically, 16 years later you can’t stop her from clothes shopping). If it was toys, we always had the hardest time getting her to move on to open the other gifts. She would oooh and ahhh over every toy and want to play with it right on the spot, forget everything and everyone around her.
As we get older the genuine feeling of excitement seems to come around less and less. Well, I plan to bring it back into my life more often! I am making a plan to add things into my life, personal and professional that get me excited. This plan will include more spontaneous interaction with all of my family, more of doing what I want, so obviously less of doing what I don’t want.
All you have to do is look around and there is always something exciting happening. I have a friend who recently said something to me that I’m starting to understand. We were talking about all the events/mixers that we attend and how to manage over eating or drinking. She said “my problem is everything is a celebration to me, so when I’m celebrating it’s hard not to eat, drink and be happy.” She’s definitely one of those people that sees the world glass way more than half full and it’s hard not to be excited about things around her.
So I hope that each of you finds something to be excited about each and every day! Be careful to make it genuine, unless you’re waiting for a lottery check try not to scare the mailperson with too much excitement.
And to all you holding those tiny little pins ready to burst some bubbles, sorry but you can walk right by mine.