V.A., not always Virtual

Dec 10, 2019

When you hire an assistant at Buying Time, you probably think that you will only see our faces on a video call. But in October, I got to help my client Terri at her very first Live Sales Training. We had a great time at the Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach. 
The whole process started when we had a business meeting in July. The whole ‘Team Terri’ met in person to review Terri’s business, our goals, and how we can improve. The topic of Terri hosting an annual Live Sales Training was brought up. And so it began. We hosted a webinar, posted to social media, wrote promotional emails, and personally called business owners that would benefit from this event. 
But Terri could not manage running the whole event herself. Not only because she had to focus on speaking, but she was also being filmed. She would not be able to stop to order more water bottles or arrange the working lunch. That’s where I came in!
I spent a lot of my time texting concierge to keep coffee and snacks available. As far as the attendees knew, I just waved my wand and everything they wanted just appeared in front of them before they had to ask. I also took pictures on attendees’ personal phones so they could have content for their companies’ social media – which is also free advertising for Terri.
A side effect of helping Terri manage the seminar was that I got to see her business in action. I spent my downtime taking notes on potential blogs, social media posts, and how we can improve the next time we host a Live Sales Training.
On the first night, we also got to mingle with the attendees and learn about their specific needs. This was useful because I could see how Terri can fill in any blank spaces they may have. They also gave me suggestions for programs they would like to see from Terri Ross Consulting. Many of which we took into account for our 2020 Planning Meeting.
Terri’s first annual Live Sales Training was amazing and I look forward to working at her next event in January!