Using what you know IN and OUT of work.

Feb 15, 2023

We all strive to find that work-life balance, leaving all of our work knowledge at our desks and switching to a purely family-fun brain.

But I would argue that we shouldn’t leave all of our work knowledge at the computer.

One of my hobbies outside of work is playing Dungeons and Dragons. I recently got the opportunity to start a campaign of my own with some friends.

Being a “game master” is new for me which makes me feel nervous since this is my first time in this role other than playing in my sister’s adventures.

Which is very unfamiliar territory for me. It causes anxiety in my stomach that reminds me of when I started working for Buying Time.

I didn’t know everything, but I knew I was a very fast learner, something that has helped me a lot in the past 4 years with the company. But even after I had mastered the latest CRM, it still took a long time for me to display that confidence to my clients that I do in fact know the answer to all of their questions. And that the question mark at the end of sentences was more of an internal confidence issue. I was probably afraid of coming off as too harsh or bossy or unlikable if I stated my facts with too much confidence. So I diminished my confidence by trying to sound soft, but it just made me sound unsure.

I have had the opportunity to learn how to stand up and say, I know Keap/Mailchimp/Kajabi… I know how to do XYZ. And it didn’t come off as bossy, it came off as confident. It is important to be confident in what you know. And if you don’t know something, my favorite phrase is “that’s a great question, let me get back to you with that answer so I don’t give you any wrong or incomplete information.”

Using these techniques has helped me, at the very least APPEAR, to be confident when I am running Dungeons and Dragons sessions for my friends. My job has helped me learn real-life skills that I can use on a daily. So don’t completely drop everything you learned during the day when you leave work, take the nuggets of growth with you so they can help you be a better person everywhere you go.

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