Staying Organized with Project Management Software

Feb 23, 2023

As a Project Manager, I’d have to say the most important part of my job is staying organized. Not only am I responsible for keeping track of my own tasks, but also everyone else’s while simultaneously maintaining client communication for any updates, questions, conflicts, etc. Project management software, however, doesn’t only have to be for project managers, it can be incredibly helpful for any business to help keep everyone on track.

With project management software, you can create tasks with specific details and deadlines, add statuses and urgency labels, and choose how you’d like to sort your tasks; by the due date, by urgency, by tag, etc. Some project management platforms can also house files so all your project assets are in one place. The biggest time saver and organizational benefit of project management software, in my opinion, would have to be streamlining communication. You can communicate with the team or even just leave notes for yourself within each task. This eliminates copious amounts of back-and-forth emails and time spent searching for emails in a messy, overflowing inbox. Not to mention you can share files, images, and videos right within the task as well.

At Buying Time, we use a project management platform called Teamwork. Since we’re a business that needs to bill clients hourly, one of the main reasons we chose this platform is that it has the option to track time spent on tasks. This is needed to obviously log billable time, but it’s also a great resource to log non-billable time as well and track team productivity.

There are several other project management platforms out there as well such as Basecamp, Asana,, and Wrike to name a few. Each has a wide range of unique capabilities and features, but all share the trait of being exceptionally helpful assets to streamline and organize your business.

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