Saying Goodbye is never easy, but this will help.

Jul 15, 2020

So it seems that most of you with new clients know all about sending an inviting welcome with all the details to them to get your new relationship off to a great start but do you have the same to send when it is time to say GOODBYE?

Do you and your client go back and forth between emails after they have decided to leave? Is it unclear what services have been completed and any additional work requires payment? Would you like an easy way to ask for feedback, testimonials, or referrals? How about offer additional products or services?

If you think this is an area you could improve on, this is for you!

Do you have a Client Goodbye Packet? 

Here are some things you could include, and of course, personalize them.

Thank You Message

  • Sincerely thank your client for hiring you…end your client process smoothly and on a high note


  • List and send all the finished deliverables and important details including account, passwords, and files of theirs you have in one organized place


  • List resources your client can refer to in the future (guides, tutorials, blog posts, videos)


  • Share any troubleshooting tips you may have had with their tasks in case they run into the same issue

Feedback Request

  • Politely ask for feedback once they get a chance (good or bad)

Testimonial Request

  • Respectfully request a testimonial when they have time (if you feel appropriate)

Client Gift

  • Optional: give a thank you gift

Referral Program

  • Invite them to join your referral program if you have one

Additional Services

  • Share additional services you offer for returning customers and so you are top of mind if they would need assistance in the future

I hope this sparks some ideas and helps you make a complete branded Goodbye Packet for your business moving forward or gives you some new ideas to add if you are already incorporating one.

I am sure your “prior” clients will be sure to be grateful for this and pleasantly surprised even.

***If you would like help with putting one of these together Buying Time would be glad to assist.