Jun 11, 2013

Blog_Jun11noun. A mental view or outlook: It’s useful occasionally to look at the past to gain a perspective on the present ~Fabian Linden
What do you see when you look this picture? A structure that stands 1,063 feet tall looks like it is 2 inches tall from this perspective. How often is it that things don’t appear as they actually are? The more we examine how much our past provides perspective on our present, the more we can learn about our future.
Adopting a service perspective in your business where your customers’ business processes (the Eifel tower) have a direct relationship with your service offerings (hand) could change your idea of relationship marketing. In plain English, how many of those service offerings came about because of a need for a client you already had?
In attending a recent event with other entrepreneurs I had a great discussion with two other business owners, both of whom recently (within the last 18 months) came out of corporate to pursue their own dreams. We ended up talking for over an hour on the ups and downs of owning your own business. Much of the discussion was on our philosophies on running our businesses mostly being derived from working for other people who we didn’t want to emulate.
I could never find the intersection of those philosophies and the customers actual needs for one of the business owners and not surprisingly she seemed to be the one that had more downs than ups.
A service perspective in your business can change how you market and plan for growth, by establishing service offerings based on your customers business processes (needs) you can build your business with as little effort as having an ear.