Help – The Other 4 Letter Word

May 10, 2018

Most entrepreneurs think their main focus should be about getting customers, then about getting more customers.  What most of us don’t factor in or think we can do ourselves is all the other administrative work and customer service that is required in maintaining those clients. Or even the idea of what the next steps are once we have a client ready to work with us.
It is often difficult for many small business owners to ask for help, believe me I know, I’m one of them.
All of us know how important it is to delegate and yet if you ask any of your peers what they find most difficult in their business or even life in general, delegation is most likely at the top of their list. Add being a woman and HELP really does become a four letter word we don’t want to utter.
One of my big discoveries during the last five years of specifically working with clients and creating systems to assist them with the process of delegating is how prevalent trust must be. This is similar to many other relationships in that when you have been let down or burned in the past, it is that much harder to let it go the next time.
Whether you’re a business owner, work in the corporate world, or an active parent in your community remember that everyone could use a little help. There is a great way for you to determine where you could use that help; it will take a little effort and about a week.
– Get a little notebook that you can put on your desk, in your pocket or in your purse
– Use a single sheet to document a task or errand you are about to do or just did
– make sure the day and time is noted
– At the end of the week make 3 stacks with your sheets
– Love to do
– Need to do
– Would rather poke my eyes out than do
That last stack will be what you start delegating.
Business owners; this will be very important as you sit at your desk and begin this documentation process that you are looking at overall tasks, try not to get too detailed until you’ve determined what you’re going to delegate.
Again, regardless of your need for help there are so many opportunities for assistance, especially virtually. Be diligent in deciding who you work with. They need to be a partner and feel as invested in what they are doing for you as you do. They won’t be perfect, but they should know your expectations as a member of your team.
Whatever you do and whomever you ask for help, always be specific and do it in writing whenever possible. When you’re working with someone virtually try and schedule weekly “huddles”, a quick 15 minute telephone call or video chat to review the previous week and what’s coming up this week.
Help Enables Life’s Passions. Enjoy what you do and give the rest to someone else to do.