Expand Your Mind

Sep 15, 2020

Is it coincidence or planned that Self Improvement Month and schools starting back are both in September? Our children are improving themselves (whether they like it or not) by learning more every day. With school being virtual, they are learning to be more tech-savvy, more self-sufficient, and a lot more patient. We are working on that last bit. It takes a lot of patience to be a part of a virtual class when there are technical difficulties. It also takes a lot of patience for me to be calm when supervising 3 children’s schedules to make sure zooms are not missed, they are paying attention, and that I can continue to do my own job. Learning is not all book stuff, but life skills are being learned and that is obviously very important.

At Buying Time we are going Back to School too.

Our CEO Bibi has challenged each of us to take 30 minutes per week to learn a new program or to improve on programs that we already work in. This will make us more efficient and able to help each other out when needed. My first quest will be WordPress. I typically do the site mock-ups in InDesign or Photoshop and then my colleague, David, will take over and work his magic in WordPress to get the site built. WordPress is challenging for me in that it is so different from the Adobe Programs that I am used to working in. I find it so tough that I kind of gave up on it as my plate has been full since COVID hit. But, as the boss lady is asking us to learn more, I will be learning more! Once I get more comfortable with WP, I will be more efficient and can help more with a variety of client needs. Yes, my plate is pretty full, but really I think many of us could carve out just 30 minutes a week for a greater good.

Patience while learning anything is key. As Maya Angelou said, “All great achievements require time.”

Let’s all take a bit of time for ourselves and learn something new this September and perhaps every month.

Carrie, Your Graphic Designer and soon to be Site Builder 🙂