Ever Evernote™?

Mar 29, 2015

By Bibi Goldstein I want to introduce you to my new favorite productivity tool; it is the place where I mostly manage my notes but I figured out quickly all the other bells and whistles. The basic concept of Evernote™ is an easy to use organized way of keeping notes. You can organize them individually within a notebook and then share them and/or the entire notebook. I especially like that I can access Evernote™ on or offline so I don’t have to have an internet connection to use it, which is great when traveling. It does require you to download the software to your device, laptop or desktop and they all sync up – obviously when you are working offline it won’t sync until you do get back online. Now for the bells…  The collaboration tools are fantastic especially for managing projects when team members are in multiple locations. In the premium version there is a work chat option so you can talk with the team immediately in real time. Within a note tasks can be created with checkboxes to keep track of those that have been completed.  You can also have reminders set within each note. Since a mobile application is available, pictures can easily be taken and uploaded to a specific note. You can tag each of your notes with specific words that will allow you to quickly find related notes associated with those tags. You can share any note via social networks or via email, and best of all you can turn any note into a presentation format with the click of an icon. Now the whistles… You can add a voice recording to any note!  Yes, while you are in your car and need to dictate a thought or message you can record it and then simply attach it to a note for your assistant or yourself to listen to. You can even add a webcam note! No I’m not kidding  – you can video yourself and add that to any note! Screenshots and ink notes can also be added to any note; these are very useful when you are using web clippings. Use the Atlas function to document when you took the note and where your device said you were. Evernote Screen Shot This is just touching the tip of what Evernote™ does for your productivity and ability to stay organized and manage projects more effectively. Do I sound excited? I am! Want to learn more about Evernote and how it can be used for business and personal? Contact Us today.