Top mistakes people make when selling digital courses

Dec 18, 2023

We all know digital courses are a great way to generate passive income, but not if you make these mistakes!

1. Not knowing your audience

The top mistake that digital course creators make is not taking the time to understand their audience. If your course is geared towards knowledge that would mostly be desirable to lower-income earners, a high price tag will stop purchasers in their tracks! Or, even worse, drive would-be customers to your competition. Solution: Make sure you thoroughly research similar offerings and that your pricing is in a relatively similar range, depending on the specifics

2. Lack of marketing

You might have the best content in the world, and it might be perfectly priced, but that won’t guarantee that people can actually find it. Falling short on marketing has been the downfall of many digital courses. If you don’t market your content correctly you will not yield results. This is also tied to knowing your audience! If you don’t have a proper understanding of your audience, you won’t be marketing to the right people. Solution: Spend the time to understand your audience, then don’t skimp on the marketing

3. Lack of social proof

Have you ever seen a new restaurant while driving around? Maybe at first glance, it looks amazing, but what do most potential diners do next? Typically, the first thing people do is take a look at online reviews to see if it’s worth their time (and money) to visit. If the restaurant has no reviews at all or even a low amount, many people will skip a visit. The same goes for digital courses. If there are little to no reviews and very little social media interaction, many people will forgo their purchase. Solution: Consider running a new release sale or having a grand opening promotion. Even if you under-value your product at first, having these pioneer purchases and reviews will be instrumental in your success

Hopefully, these tips help! If you need help starting your own digital course but don’t know where to begin, schedule a strategy session with Bibi!

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