Apr 8, 2013

clutterHave you ever felt like working in your home office is like working in a zoo? How many times have you had a deadline or a project that needed to get done and the moment you stepped inside your home office you feel overwhelmed by the clutter and lose all focus?
Be still! Don’t freak out. Look around your home office. What do you see? Unnecessary paper piled in every corner? Unused folders? So many pens on top of your desk where in reality you only use the same pen every time? The post-it frame you have so carefully created around your computer monitor?
According to one study, you need to be in a total state of peace to be able to do the things that you need to do efficiently. You must be focused and goal oriented, even in dealing with life’s daily workload. No one has ever achieved total serenity with a messy workspace, so start de-cluttering that room!!
Why is de-cluttering so hard?
It’s not easy to take away personal belongings and “stuff” because in many instances those little knick knacks are like little pieces of our life.  To make it easier, start de-cluttering by taking some time and determine what is necessary in the room and what are those things that you don’t actually need. Then put all those unnecessary items on a check list.  Make columns on what to box, what to donate, and what to throw away. That way you won’t have any confusion on what to do with those things before you even start touching them. Make a plan to avoid wasting time. This also gives you the ability to delegate the physical removing of the items so you don’t change your mind.
Here’s what we recommend for a plan of attack.  Split the room in four sections and start with one section at a time. When you are finished, you’ll be amazed how the new look of your home office will make you feel calm and fresh, thus creating a more productive environment.