CRM’s: These are a few of my favorite ones….

Mar 4, 2020

Some of you might be wondering what is a CRM anyway? Here’s my definition….
Client Relationship Management is a system for managing your relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.
Everyone needs to have a system if they want to grow their business. There are literally $1000’s of dollars being left on the table every day because we fail to follow up, not only in a timely manner but at all!
Here’s a list of the CRM’s we like/recommend in order of capabilities:
Mailchimp – is not a CRM in our opinion it is for automated emails and does not have relationship management for your contacts.
Zoho CRM – is a very simple easy to use system that can grow with you, however, some of it’s more advanced features are not as great as other systems. The automation follow-up is great for single follow up not multiple drip emails in a follow-up funnel.
ActiveCampaign – has an easy to use contact organization and management system, you can keep track of your leads and tasks associated with the contact. The automation is a bit more robust here to have more segmented follow-up funnels created. 
Keap/Infusionsoft – is what we recommend for the most part and is an all in one system that allows you to manage all aspects of your follow up through to the client onboarding through to e-commerce for payment processing. The follow-up campaigns can be created to manage the behaviors, ex: send this if the email is opened, send this if the video is watched, send this if they click to book an appointment, etc. 
We hope this was helpful and we would love to talk more with you about what system might be right for you – contact us today….
BY: Bibi Goldstein