Social Media Rules, Rumors & Realities

Oct 31, 2018

Get the Facts
Want to reach more of the market?  Social Media is a great way to get your brand out there. Why? Because people love Social Media and check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn on a regular basis. It’s fun, informational and always at our fingertips. Almost everyone is on some type of Social Media. For instance, the king of all Social Media, Facebook, has over 2 Billion users worldwide. Plus, Social Media is free! Yes, there are upgrades to pay for ads on these platforms, but your everyday postings are purely free advertising for you and your brand. You don’t have to be on every single platform, it really depends on what you are showing and who you want to show it to.
The key to using Social Media in an effective way for your brand is having a plan in place. You can’t just post pics of your cat or what you’re having for dinner to get people interested. Yes, these things are okay once in a while. But, a plan that sticks with a sort of routine is great because people learn to expect certain things from you on certain days. Stay consistent with your posting and stay consistent with your brand. Stay true to yourself and who/what you are selling. Doing this will show you are reliable and steady, which people appreciate. You’ll need quality content with premium images. Use keywords that grab people’s attention. Use eye-catching photos and graphics to draw people in.
Now, here is where it gets complicated. Social Media platforms are becoming smarter and wiser all of the time. There are new algorithms constantly being put in place that are deciding what your followers will see. This means that ALL of your followers are probably not seeing EVERY single thing that you post. Posting more will up the likelihood that you will be seen. There are key words/phrases that shouldn’t be used because the algorithms pick them up and decide not to share them with all of your followers.
Did you know you can boost a post on FB or create an Ad? These are 2 different things and have to be treated completely different. The boosted posts are straightforward as you can boost any of your posts (keeping in mind it should be attention grabbing and algorithm ready). An ad is a bit more complicated in that FB has a lot of rules that must be followed. The main reason we see an ad not approved by FB is the text on the image. Very little text is allowed and should be kept to a minimum. But, with an ad, you are able to pick your target audience based on location, age, gender, language and even interests.
Overwhelmed yet? That’s where we come in. We have people on our team specifically set up to help you with your Social Media. We stay on top of these algorithms, know what works for our clients and know how to create the on-brand images that you need to get the attention you deserve.
We work with our clients to create a Social Media plan. You give us the inspiration and we run with it, all you have to do is sit back and hit ‘approve’. If you are interested in upping your SM game, just let us know. We are here to help.
P.S. We will be posting our ‘Freebie Friday’ tomorrow on Facebook to share a mini-Social Media plan to get you started. So, be sure to come check us out on FB, you wouldn’t want to miss this!