Show Up

Jan 10, 2019

“You need to show up in your business?”

“You need to show up in your life?”

I know I’ve heard this time and time again. Don’t worry I am NOT going to be telling you what you should or need to do. Think of this post as an invitation to discover what it really means to Show Up.

Staring at a computer all day and working remotely as a Virtual Marketing Assistant can drive you to work long and more often than not irregular hours. Not to mention the lingering feeling of the dreaded “burn out”. I am sure as a small business owner or human in general, you can relate.

Today I want share how I like to Show Up. One way I like to Show Up is by giving myself a break from the daily grind and tasks. I do this through meditation, exercise, working outside or going on a hike to name a few. (it only takes 2 minutes.)

Let’s SHOW UP right now.


Let’s Show Up together!

I want to introduce you to my new favorite mindfulness app, HEADSPACE! It’s total free. A few months ago I started to meditate, if only for 2 minutes. I find this is very effective when I am stressed with work, close to “burn out” or dealing with a challenging conversation. I invite you to stop what you are doing, get comfortable and for the next 2min show up for yourself and experience just one way I like to Show Up…Keep reading below to learn more about what this all means.

Click Here to Download the app for Free.

You Get To Show Up for yourself and remember why you are here. Try to connect with the part of you that is judging yourself, that is judging others and that is stopping the light from filling you up with love.


Where did this come from and what does it all mean to me…

I consider myself a logical, practical yet open guy. For a long time, I lived my life not really showing up for anything. Like many of you I was doing what “should” be done to pay the bills, put food on the table, etc. You know the drill. Not to mention my thought process was subconsciously judgmental. I was constantly recommending to others what they should do. Four years ago, I discovered this pattern and removed should from my vocabulary replacing it with “need”.

The shifts kept happening well into early 2018…

In May of 2018, I uprooted my personal and professional life. I moved to a remote Hawaiian Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to follow an intuitive feeling. I remembering thinking, “Who the heck have I become? Did I really do all this because I thought I needed to?” Let’s not forget, I am a logical and practical guy. Following this intuitive feeling is not my typical mode of operation. To be honest if felt “woo, woo”. But wait…I am much happier, I am not homeless, I am discovering the truth about who I am and why I am here.

Okay this is all nice but what’s the meaning of it all? This is where the Aloha Spirit comes in and the power of our kupuna/Hawaiian Elders. Here in Hawaii we like to talk story (this means we put down the phone and share insight, discoveries and truth/lessons of life). While talking story with Auntie Storyteller I discovered…there is no “need” and no “my truth”.

Could it be what brought me to Hawaii, to discover this message? In that moment with auntie all of my self judgments and outwardly judgments came crashing down. There I was living my life thinking I needed these things. All along I was still hiding behind my own defenses. It’s not need, it’s GET TO.

Think about it… You are the only person who is qualified in all ways to be you and live your life. You Get To write your own story. You Get To live your own life. Nothing is needed; nothing should be a particular way. You Get To be the person you are here to be and only you know when, who and what that is. One way I like to Show Up is by giving myself at least one 2 minute break each day.

For me this blog process took a while. I don’t write, I don’t know what to say and no one cares what I have to say. Now I know none of that matter because thankfully, I GET TO write this blog and you GET TO read it, if you want. As this blog progresses, my posts will share how the people I meet choose to show up.


– Dave