Sell, Upsell, E-What?!

Nov 9, 2014

By Bibi Goldstein
Sales are obviously an important part of every business; creating a sales strategy is something most of us don’t consider when first starting out. How we attract someone to buy from us is through educating them on what we offer and why it is crucial to their success.
Nurturing a prospective buyer by educating them through tips that are relevant to them, then creating curiosity and interest to learn more is the first step in any sales process. That means having an email campaign that methodically disseminates information to the prospect in intervals that are appropriate for your business.
Leaving money on the table by not paying attention to the customer that wants more, that needs more, is a big mistake. Once someone buys from you, unless they are really dissatisfied with your product, they are most likely to buy from you over and over again. Continue to talk to your customers after they buy, tell them what else you have to offer, let them know what else they can’t live without.
Your e-commerce and e-mail marketing systems should work without you, using a system like Infusionsoft that allows you to set things up initially and then let them run over and over. Having an e-commerce system that gives the buyer an opportunity to purchase and, before they checkout, see what else could be of interest to them can immediately increase sales. Maybe they don’t buy more at that moment, but keep talking to them with emails crafted specifically to their initial purchase and what should naturally fit next for them.
Establish your sales systems early so you can continue to upgrade them as your business grows and changes. Find the right e-commerce and e-mail marketing platforms that will work for you now and in the future.