Video Marketing Can Improve Your Small Business

Nov 28, 2018

Let’s Make a Movie!
Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can finally decorate for my favorite holiday, Christmas! It isn’t about the gifts for me, it’s about the atmosphere. I love making my house look like it has been plucked out of a Christmas movie, stuffed reindeer and large candy canes included.
Speaking of movies, my favorite task at Buying Time is to edit videos. We have clients who regularly use videos to engage their audience. Still images no longer catch the attention of our friends and family the way they used to, now it’s all about movement!
Are you stuck on where to start with filming? The best tip I can offer, is find a great light source!
You want to be lit evenly from the front. This means, you do not want an open window behind you. This will cause you to become a silhouette. You do not want the lights in your ceiling to be your only source. This will cause shadows under your chin and eyes that are unflattering.
If you are filming inside, I would recommend going to your local hardware store and buying two small light fixtures with an opaque cover that you can set on your desk to light both sides of your face.
If you live in a cloudy city like Seattle, then you probably have perfect natural lighting. The clouds act like a diffuser and spread the light beautifully across your body, filling in all of the areas that are normally shadowed. But if you live in a sunny city like Los Angeles, I would recommend filming in a shaded area so the light is not too harsh. Don’t worry if the content isn’t perfect, that’s where my video editing skills come into play.
If you are interested in creating video content for your site, schedule a call with Buying Time and we can help you plan the content and give you the best tips for filming videos yourself. We will tell you some affordable products that will enhance the look of your films, so you can provide the best content for your audience. Let’s discuss how we can utilize our video expertise to provide the best content for your audience.
By Astrid Lugar