How to Use Twitter Hashtags

Feb 7, 2019

Hey Guys, now that you’re on Twitter, it’s time to sift through the interesting and relevant!

How you ask? By using hashtags.

Hashtags are the filing system for social networks and, by using the guidelines below, you can navigate the twittersphere.

On with the show…

What the heck IS a Hashtag…Well by definition: The # symbol, called a hashtag, it’s used to mark keywords or topics (no spaces) with the ( #) in front. Basically, it’s a way twitter users can categorize messages.

Your tweets should be easy to read and not overly tagged… Hashtags are a powerful symbol …

Don’t #spam #with #hashtags.

Best practices recommend using no more than 2 hashtags per Tweet. It’s important to centralize your usage around one hashtag, that way your message won’t be spread too thin.

Consolidate Hashtags by picking key terms relevant and specific to your business or industry. Create actions (giveaway), do some research, start using them, monitor them and join in relevant conversations. If they become hacked or not appropriate start research again and may have to adapt.

Be #Obvious – Don’t force a hashtag that doesn’t make sense, don’t be afraid to change it up and you only need to tag the most important word that represents the theme of your Tweet.

Get a response from followers by creating a hashtag that prompts them to complete a sentence or phrase…they require a little more marketing effort but worth the engagement. Utilize specific hashtags at live events or seminars, so that watchers can easily engage and participate in live discussion.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do a quick search to see if your new hashtag is in fact new, or if others have used it.If so, there may be some interesting tweets and people for you to follow. If you come across a hashtag that’s an acronym and you can’t figure out, a quick Google search should give you the answer.

Make sure to add images to “hashtagged” posts as Twitter is indexing them now. Twitter is like a mini search engine so hashtag the words you want to draw traffic.

Extra Special Tips:

Incorporate hashtags into everyday life. Add to product packaging, business cards and invoices or even form a social group around your hashtag to build membership and engagement.

Insert them into existing resources and channels. Example, add to emails and share them with staff so everyone is using the same hashtags across multiple Social Media channels (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram).

If you are hosting a workshop, training or have a speaking engagement, ensure your hashtags are on every page of your presentation so people can share the important bits of info with others. Remind them at the beginning what the hashtags will be!

Have fun with Twitter and use it to connect with people online, in person and at events. Sometimes it’s the only way I talk to my friends when we get busy. You can even make up hashtags just for you and your friends!

Now that you are an expert, connect with me – I’m @CaliJulz on Twitter and my favorite hashtags are #FF #TWEETWHATYOUEAT #FREE #FUNFACT. Some other common ones I follow and use are #trending #breakingnews #didyouknow #foodie #oomf .

What hashtags do you follow and use?

Till next time, see you on the Twitter waves rocking those hashtags!

When you need help researching and using hashtags, or getting involved in Twitter, email me at It’ll be the ride of your life!

– Julz