End of Year Marketing Tips to Kick Off 2019

Dec 12, 2018

You know the older I get, the faster the time seems to pass me by. I remember the end of 2017 I was telling myself, “Wow this year flew by,” and here we are again; end of 2018 and repeating those exact words. I am pretty happy with everything that I accomplished this year, and it feels great to say that I am starting 2019 on the right path. Unfortunately, not everyone can say the same, and I’ve been there in previous years. Whether it’s financial struggles, family problems, illnesses, slow business, not everyone gets to start the New Year in a good place.
Some situations and struggles are inevitable, but if they involve business being slow; there is definitely something we can do about that, starting with your marketing plan. This is the perfect time to get ahead and plan for the New Year, so you can begin 2019 with a positive start to hit the ground running. Here are 3 tips to start the year on a good note.
1. Revisit Your Content
Take the time to revisit the content you created this year. Make a list of the content that performed well, and another list with the content that did not. Once you have your top performing pieces, you can brainstorm and use that to see what you did that made this content successful. Track your views, click-through rate, post likes, target audience and so forth. Then you can replicate these pieces for the future.
It is important to have a Social Media Marketing Plan in place, so that you don’t spend time daily creating posts. Once you have a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t, create a plan and begin the New Year with posts that you KNOW will be engaging. Check out our Social Media Rules, Rumors and Realities Blog for Ideas.
2. Create an End of the Year Campaign
As the Year is ending, you want to make sure you are being noticed by your subscribers, because I can assure you they are receiving emails from your competitors.
Create a Holiday promotion, send out some Holiday coupons, or even a simple but well written Holiday Newsletter. Get your Website and Social Media channels in the Holiday Spirit.
As a social media user, I love to see that businesses are keeping up with the seasons; and it’s always nice to see some Christmas posts here and there.
3. Send Out a 2019 Calendar
You might want to consider printing out a Calendar for your customers. If you have some marketing money left in your budget, spend a little bit of time sending these out and you will start the year on GREAT terms with the people who received them.
Nevertheless, this is one of the best times to show your brand to the world. Sure it’s one of the busiest times of the year and you might be traveling or spending time with family, so you’re probably telling yourself you don’t have time for this; but that is where we come in.
Schedule a call with Buying Time and we can help you review your content for 2018, so we can start a new plan for next year. Let’s create some Holiday Campaigns, send out some Calendars, re-vamp your Website and show your audience that you are starting 2019 STRONG!
By Gisel Carbajal