Consistent Action Creates Consistent Results

Dec 27, 2018

Being consistent is a part of everyone’s lives whether in business or personal interactions, when you do something consistently there’s a higher level of trust or mistrust. A simple example is that if you show up to every appointment or meeting 15 minutes early people begin to rely on that and might see that as a gauge for how you might operate in other areas and similarly the same assumption can be made if you are 15 minutes late each time.
I want to specifically focus on what it’s costing you to be inconsistent in your business: money, time, relationships, energy etc. There are some simple tools that you can use as you go into this next year to improve your overall consistency and really make an impact on your business in a positive way. The two main focuses being: your time and money through marketing efforts and bookkeeping.
The first is establishing a timeline, setting the intention for what is supposed to happen when. Here’s some examples:

  1. Post on Facebook and Instagram twice a day
    – Wednesday every week plan what to post for the following Monday – Sunday
    – Friday every week create and pre-schedule posts for the following Monday – Sunday
  2. Send out an email newsletter every month on the 3rd Thursday
    – 4th Thursday of every month write or video tape blog/article content
    – 1st Thursday of every month gather all additional content
    – 2nd Thursday of every month put content into email marketing tool and schedule
  3. Send out all invoices by the 3rd of every month for the previous month
    – Review all billable time is documented each Monday for the previous Monday – Sunday
    – Review and send invoices for all clients A – M on the 2nd of each month
    – Review and send invoices for all clients N – Z on the 3rd of each month

Now these are rough, but you get the picture, what’s the process? What’s the intention?
Next is using a tool you already use and that’s a calendar one, preferably, where you can set up reminders and notifications. Take your timeline and populate that into a calendar that will give you plenty of notification of what needs to be done and block out the time to do it. When you’re planning on Wednesdays for your next week’s social media give yourself enough time to be creative, so block out that time so it’s a priority.
By being consistent with your marketing efforts you’ll see results with more engagement leading to more clients and with your bookkeeping you’ll see improved cash flow. More clients and more cash, what better intention could a business have for the new year?
By Bibi Goldstein