Work-Life Balance?

May 15, 2019

Are you trying to figure out how to balance work and life? Do we even know what this means? As entrepreneurs, we are constantly working to expand our company and our brand. Just as the words are written, Work first—Life second.

When do we get a break? We can’t. If we break who’s running our company? We are the CEOs and CFOs of our world. We don’t have time to have a Work-Life balance.

But we should. We are working so hard to develop our company so that we can provide this amazing life that we aren’t even living it. It’s time to understand what it means to balance work and life as an entrepreneur.

  • Set an alarm. There isn’t a timer that goes off that gets us up in the morning because we are up at the crack of dawn thinking about what needs to be done. Stop doing that. Start telling yourself that you deserve to set an alarm. You deserve to sleep and your body needs it.
  • Make lunch dates and keep them. Our friends and family look forward to seeing us. Setting up lunch dates, even just once a week, will make them feel whole and you feel like you are living life with them.
  • Get some sun. Do you have a patio or deck? Grab your laptop and get some sun. The air will rejuvenate you and the sun will provide you with that Vitamin D you are probably missing, and all while being productive.
  • Learn something new. When was the last time you learned something new? How did you feel afterward? Learning new things keeps us fresh and excited. Be excited about work and life.
  • Yep, I said it. Make a plan to get out from behind your walls and talk to people. And I don’t mean about work. Have a conversation with your staff, a friend, or even a stranger. Talk about something other than work.

Creating a Work-Life Balance allows us to create memories in our work environment and within our own lives.

By: Bibi Goldstein