What will you do in 2012?

Jan 6, 2012

2012onthewayOn New Year’s Eve over dinner we had a good time going through a list of questions which encouraged all of us to reflect on 2011 in a variety of different ways. Biggest accomplishment, greatest disappointment, if you had one do over etc.

It was fun and insightful, but now I’m ready to talk about 2012…..
What will be your word(s) for 2012?
Will you make more time for yourself in 2012?
What will you do better in 2012?
Who will become a priority for you in 2012?
What will you let go of in 2012?
Who will you let go of in 2012?
Will you try something new in 2012?
What will make you smile in 2012?
There are hundreds (literally) of questions like these we can all ask ourselves that will open our minds to the possibilities and excitement a brand new year creates.
I wish you all a wonderful, prosperous, worry-free, pain-free, creative, learning filled 2012!