Technology Evolution

Jun 17, 2014

I remember when I was a little girl how cool it was when we went from the avocado green rotary dial telephone to the beige push button phone. But then we went to the phone where the digits were in the handset then finally to the cordless phone and now most of us don’t even have a house phone anymore and only use our cell phones.
The evolution of various technology throughout our lives either makes us want to hold on for dear life to what we know or embrace being in a constant state of upgrading. Even with our cell phones going from the “brick” to flip phones to Blackberry’s to iPhone’s or Androids. I remember how traumatic it was giving up my Blackberry for my first Android; I still have friends who have flip phones and refuse to move on to a smartphone.
This same evolution occurred with our computers from these massive desktops to smaller versions with flat screen monitors to laptops to tablets and has many people – myself included – wanting to hold on to what we know. What makes some of us ok only having a laptop or tablet? I still work primarily from a desktop computer and use my laptop for traveling and remote access into my desktop or to sit on the couch and write.
Where would we be without the evolution of technology? Could you really see yourself using that rotary dial phone today or trying to get any work done away from the office without a laptop? While I’m often stuck in my way of doing things I feel like the evolution of technology could teach us a few things about other areas of our lives. Go with it, be open to trying new methods and embrace change with the knowledge that it’s providing growth.