Tabula Rasa

Dec 2, 2011

organizeA mind not yet affected by experiences, impressions etc.
Anything existing undisturbed in its original pure state
An opportunity for a fresh start; clean slate 
Are you getting the picture? Or better yet can you see the blank canvas? If you aren’t or you can’t, odds are you need to do some de-cluttering of your physical (and maybe mental) space.
Productivity and efficiency are just as important as creativity. Whether you’re an artist, an entrepreneur or a full time parent all these areas need your attention. De-cluttering your environment can provide clarity and focus you may not have even realized you lacked.
Many of you may think that because you can work in a cluttered environment then everything must be ok, right? Wrong. It is so important for regular purging and de-cluttering of your space, if only to fully realize its potential once again. You can tell yourself that although there is clutter and chaos around you that you can always find what you’re looking for, regardless if you can or not it will take more time and could potentially be more frustrating.
Having a routine to completely empty your space and most importantly purge those items you haven’t used since the last “cleaning of your slate” is critical to success. Then take a moment and enjoy the blank canvas, see the potential for it and for you. If you can, leave it that way for at least a day. You would be amazed at how much your vision can change in 24 hours.
Focus on what the purpose of the space is and allow yourself creative freedom without over filling it. If you happen to be technically artistic, a great trick is to take digital pictures of the empty space and use a photo shop or photo editor type program to virtually create your ideal environment. If you aren’t, you can also print out the pictures and draw on them for the same visual outcome.
Whenever you can take advantage of tabula rasa, seize the moment. The opportunity to reinvent and re-energize yourself should never be passed up.