Prospect to Client: Make the Process Painless

Sep 10, 2014

questionmarksDo you know how much the consultations you do this month could be valued at – in real dollars – next month?
Do you know how long it takes for you to convert a prospect to a client?
Better yet, do you know what it costs you to gain a client? Or to lose a client?
Most importantly, do you know how your revenues this month stack up to last month, or this month last year?
As business owners we want to believe that we know in our gut what is happening in our business, especially financially. But what I have discovered first hand is that if you don’t know your numbers and trends and are solely going off your gut, your gut will let you down in the worst way.
By utilizing the sales management component in Infusionsoft I can now document when I have a potential client and forecast what future dollars that client represents from the moment they reach out to me. I then document my consultation, calls, and emails with them right in Infusionsoft so I can see exactly how much time I’m spending on each prospect. My favorite part is that I can then see what the actual time against forecast time is, and pinpoint exactly how much I’m spending to make that sale.
If the prospect does come on as a client, I send them a contract via EchoSign and tag them as a new customer. Infusionsoft then initiates a campaign where they get a welcome email and a link to complete our intake form.
Once I get the signed contract back, I set my new client up with a monthly recurring subscription that allows me to set the amount and date they are charged. The signed contract gets uploaded to the client’s Filebox in their Infusionsoft contact record.
In the same campaign that sent them the welcome email, I’ve set up an automated 30 and 60 day check in email where clients can complete a brief survey on how everything is going. Infusionsoft also prompts the client with a link to my calendar to schedule a call with me if needed.
My sales process is fully managed and automated with the help of Infusionsoft to save me time and money and make my clients feel like they are well taken care of.
If you would like to learn more about Infusionsoft, schedule a call with me HERE.