Left Brain Right Brain

May 8, 2012

leftrightHave you ever heard that you’re a “left brain person” or that that person is a “right brain person”?
Well, what the heck does that actually mean?
As we all know, the brain is the spongy like structure that holds the nervous system. It has specific functions in handling our emotions and reasoning.  Studies show that the brain has different divisions and functions and is broken up into two hemispheres which connect at the base of the brain. These hemispheres determine the characteristics and attitude of a person.
To the layman, each hemisphere is simply called “left brain” and ‘right brain”. According to one study, by the time a person reaches 2 years of age, one of the hemispheres starts to dominate the other. It keeps on developing until a person reaches the age of about 15 years old.
At the age of 15, it’s pretty easy to see what part of the brain is dominant to the other. Left brained people are said to be more rational, consistent, analytical and objective. Right brained people are said to be more indulgent, spontaneous and creative.
“Left brained” people tend to be list makers and go about solving problems in very logical steps.  These kinds of people accept life as it is.  They usual do very well in school and with structure.  It’s usually very easy for them to memorize things in textbooks and they are systematic in the way they approach life.
However, on the other hand left-brained people find it hard to deal in creative activities. For example, it’s fairly easy for most left-brained people to hear notes, but they are usually unable to translate these notes into an entire song.  At work they are the one’s who are the most focused and use deadlines and clearly defined goals to determine whether they are on task.  Left-brained people might gravitate towards jobs like nursing or accounting.
On the other side of the coin we have right-brained people, who are typically the world’s creative types.  These kinds of people are responsible for insights and creativity. These people are said to be controlled by their imaginations and dreams. They are risk takers and free spirits.
In school performance they may encounter difficulty in dealing with their comprehensive subjects. Students like them tend to learn easily by experience. Furthermore, they seem to learn best when they are in noisy surroundings (Do you know anyone who studies with the TV on, while if it’s on for you then you can’t concentrate at all? And vice versa)
They also love debates and reasoning, like philosophy and religion. With these types of personalities these people usually end up as artists, actors and actresses, musicians and painters…or maybe even a CEO of a technology company!!
So the next time you’re trying to “figure someone out”, just remember that we all think just a little bit differently!!