In The Mood for Good Customer Service?

Apr 26, 2013

waterglassI have one major peeve when eating out; my water glass, keep it full and get it right.
I’m usually a soda water drinker and it really bothers me when the lime in my glass is completely ignored and regular water gets poured, if and when they get there to fill it up at all. I think my husband usually orders the same thing just so he can give me his when I get irritated by this. This brings me to the point that my irritation level is largely based on my mood going into the encounter, but can be exacerbated by things like my loud slurping on the straw in an empty glass being completely ignored!
Don’t get me wrong there are some talented customer service providers out there in every industry who can even bring me down off the ledge. Being in a service based business I also know that many of the individuals in these jobs aren’t there because it was their career ambition.
I want to believe that my staff and I always provide great customer service, but I know that as the service provider we also enter these encounters based on our mood. Armed with this knowledge, I logically understand that you can’t make everybody happy all of the time even if your mood cooperated with you.
For all of us who provide a service to many of us, really consider if you’re in the mood for good customer service. Whether it’s in the actual act or when an evaluation of your services is giving you valuable information that will decrease the effect mood has on the customer service you provide, PLEASE LISTEN.