Apr 12, 2013

cellphoneRecently I have had several conversations in different circles about the attachment some of us have to our Blackberry devices. So I’ve spent the last few days asking some questions that I’m certain I should be ashamed of my answers to, but somehow I’m not.
1.     Do I feel anxious when my Blackberry isn’t within arm’s reach? YES
2.     Do I look at my Blackberry to make sure it’s working when it hasn’t gone off in more than 10 minutes? YES
3.     Would I use Facebook or Twitter as much if they weren’t applications on my Blackberry? NO
4.     Do I look at my Blackberry when I’m in meetings? YES
5.     Do I look at my Blackberry when I’m out with friends/family? YES
6.     Do I look at my Blackberry when I’m getting a massage, my hair done or my nails done? YES
7.     Do I look at my Blackberry during the night? YES
I know there are certain behaviors I should address and will make the effort to change simply out of courtesy for others time, but overall I enjoy the information I have at my fingertips and certainly feel more efficient.
Ok so I know many of you are ready to judge me based on these answers and what your answers would be. I will start by saying that I believe I truly need to work on #4 & #5 because this infringes on someone else’s time. I made my first attempt at addressing #5 when I went to a friend’s birthday party this past Friday night and chose to leave my Blackberry in the car. I have to say it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would it be, there were at least three occasions where I consciously considered going out to the car to check it but didn’t. Ultimately I ended up having a great time and spent a full three hours without my Blackberry and thoroughly engaged in the present.
With that said, I’m not willing to give up the freedoms my Blackberry gives me.
For starters…

  1. I’m not overwhelmed when I sit down in front of my computer because the simple emails I could respond to have already been handled.
  2. I can view PDF, word or spreadsheet documents immediately.
  3. Using voice notes allows me to record tasks or dictate emails, articles, blogposts or Facebook & Twitter posts then email the recorded file to my staff to handle.
  4. Blackberry Messenger gives me the opportunity to communicate with unlimited characters, voice recorded text messages and provide status updates so my contacts know why I may not be available.

The main reason I love my Blackberry is the accessibility to my clients and the perception and/or feeling it gives them that my staff and I provide good customer service. We answer every service request within 30 minutes (usually within 15 minutes) and would not be able to do that without devices like the Blackberry. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer for the proper attachment you should have to your Blackberry, but I encourage you to evaluate your own reasons for using this, or similar devices, and not be so quick to judge those of us who enjoy the occasional game of Brickbreaker.