Add these before you HIT SEND

Nov 16, 2017

Most of us are sending marketing emails, and if you aren’t you should start to; this is one of the quickest ways to build your list. You can have a pretty small list and have great engagement if you have amazing content that people want to open.
If you have the below items in your email you are guaranteed to boast a higher open rate. Check off this list before you hit send!

Personalize it!

Do your emails come from you or your business? Do they say, “Jane Doe” or “Lost and Found Academy.” Why is this important?  Because people connect with people. When you send an email from your business name people feel like they’re being contacted by an organization, not a real person like you. If you really want the business name to show up, be sure your name is listed too.

Scrutinize the subject line

Before you hit “send,” try sending yourself a test email to see how the subject line looks in your inbox amongst all the clutter. Do YOU notice it? Make sure it come off as important and stands out.
Would you open an email with that particular subject line? Is it specific enough? (If you’re not sure, chances are you could make it more specific!) You should always be making your reader curious.

Break it up

Here’s the problem with so many email marketing campaigns…no one wants to read content heavy paragraphs. Use concise and specific language and remember, length does not equal quality.
Use headlines, bold text, color, etc. to add emphasis when appropriate. It’s always easier to evaluate the email once you see it in the context of your inbox, so make sure you send yourself a test.

Check your links!

You would be shocked to hear how often people send emails with broken links or links that go to the wrong pages. It’s bound to happen, but you can prevent it from causing too much damage by double, or even triple checking all of your links BEFORE you hit send! Or better yet, have someone else check for you.

Add value

Your goal should be to teach them something that will give them an “aha” moment.
No matter what kind of email you are sending, you should still be sharing value with people. You can always give them a few tips or share a story about your experience that gives people an “aha.” Give them something to walk away with and make them happy they opened your email.

Tell them what to do next

The whole purpose of writing copy is to get people to take action. Most of the time in a marketing email you’ll be asking people to click a link (to view your blog, your sales page, register for your webinar, etc).
Or, you might want to tell people to take a specific action. You may tell people to write something down or do something physically challenging for example.
The lesson: always, always, always give people a call to action!
So, here’s your call to action: use this list when you write your next email and check to make sure you include everything BEFORE you hit send!