A shift in perspective

Feb 6, 2024

Just a few months ago, I found myself overwhelmed with anxiety, attempting to juggle the demands of work, volunteering, and family responsibilities. The slightest hiccup, such as a vendor unable to fulfill a request promptly, had the power to disrupt my entire day. I felt the weight of letting down clients and internalizing every setback.

Fast forward to today, and my perspective has undergone a profound shift. Recently, I gently reminded a colleague not to stress over minor details when we couldn’t deliver a piece of SWAG to a client on time for a meeting. While we regretted the delay, I realized that we couldn’t control the speed of our vendors. Ultimately, life will go on, and the absence of that item won’t significantly impact anyone’s existence.

This change in mindset traces back to a transformative moment during Christmas when I visited my father. Witnessing him in the final stages of life served as a stark reminder that sweating the small stuff is an unnecessary burden. Today, I approach challenges with a newfound perspective, understanding that some things are beyond our control, and the trivialities won’t define the bigger picture of our lives. Let’s prioritize what truly matters, savor the moments of joy, and release the unnecessary burden of sweating over the small stuff. In doing so, we can create a life that is not just defined by its challenges but celebrated for its resilience, joy, and the profound connections that make it truly meaningful.

I acknowledge that this isn’t directly related to Graphic Design, but it felt important for me to share. My intention is that this serves as a gentle reminder for you as well – to not let the little things weigh you down.

If you’ve made it this far, I’d appreciate it if you could respond to this email with a brief emoji or word, keeping that human connection alive.
Remember, with all of the chaos in our lives, it’s the shared moments and connections that truly enrich our journey.

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