5 REASONS "NOT" TO HIRE A Virtual Assistant

Oct 20, 2015

By Bibi Goldstein

hire a virtual assistant

Yep, you read that right. I want to tell you a little story about Edith the entrepreneur (names have been changed to protect the not so innocent).
Edith started her business focused on the service she was providing as a writing coach, quickly she had her days and weeks filled with clients and her business was booming. In fact, she got so busy that she just pushed things aside like invoicing, paying bills, email marketing, social media, email, taxes and a ton more that she didn’t like doing. So she continued to fill her calendar with what she loved to do and that was working with clients.  Edith was happy! Isn’t that what being your own boss is all about?
Then one day she went to a coffee networking event and her credit card got declined for a cup of joe. Oh was she mortified! As all the entrepreneurs were introducing themselves they were all encouraged to hand their business cards to anyone who’s newsletter list they wanted to be on so they could get on-going information. There was Edith with a handful of cards and no newsletter list to put them on, and top that with no caffeine!
The moment she got in the car she called her bank about her credit card only to find out that there was no money in her account. When she got back to her home office she rescheduled her next appointment so she could take care of this horrible mistake that she was sure the bank had made. After her research she realized that she hadn’t invoiced any of her clients in over 2 months which equals no money in her account. Ruh roh!

So here are my 5 reasons NOT to hire a Virtual Assistant:

1.You don’t care about having a newsletter and keeping people informed about your business
2.You don’t want more clients
3.You don’t care if your clients get responses to their emails
4.You don’t want to tell the world about what you do and why you’re so awesome!
And finally…..
5.You don’t want money in your bank account
Bonus reason…..
6.You’re Wonder Woman and can literally do it all
Don’t be Edith and I hate to break it to you but you’re not Wonder Woman either.
While this is my sarcasm at its best, after a consult I recently had it’s important that you be you and do what you do best, let someone else do what they do best for you.