What makes you want what someone has to offer? This is the first question I encourage everyone to ask themselves when they set up their opt in strategies on their website. There is a trend in December and January where most people overuse the unsubscribe links in the emails they receive thinking this will de-clutter their inboxes. Then, by February and March they have the need to fill the void and start looking for the new candy to sample.
I have heard many terms when it comes to opt-ins: freebie, cotton candy, irresistible offer, etc. Whatever you want to call it just make sure you offer it. Why? Because this is how you nurture and educate your subscribers and that is the know and trust factors for your marketing. There are a lot of marketing gurus and business coaches out there that will tell you what your opt-in offer should be; my only rule is keep it simple and relevant to what your tribe is hungry for.
Where most people drop the ball is once someone opts-in they send them the offer and then send them their monthly newsletter or whatever emails they have going out. That isn’t enough to keep them coming back for more. My recommendation is to always have an auto responder series (that means more than one email folks) to your opt-in. Yes, give them the free audio but offer a plus (+) my 10 tip video series on “X.”  Setting up a series of emails that go out every day, every other day or every week after they get the free audio with high value, short and simple content along with a call to action at the bottom will have you converting those subscribers to paying customers.
Lastly, if they don’t convert during your email series then have a long term nurture sequence that continues for at least the next year. Again, keeping it simple with high value and a call to action will continue to keep you top of mind when they are ready and need to work with you.